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Apart from all the above, consider the following points while writing in order to produce quality reports:
  • ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ goes an old cliché. Hence do not hesitate in including appropriate pictures at appropriate places in your report but do remember to attach the captions with them. The number of pictures should be balanced with the length of text in your report. You may attach the pictures as ‘picture gallery’ at the end of the report of the filed activities or the training programmes if you want to include lots of pictures in your report. It adds attraction as well as authenticity to your report.
  • For presentation of comparisons in report, use of table or graph is suggestible. Though you may give a description but even after giving such description, adding a table or graph just next to your description enhances its readability. However before putting the comparison data in the table or graph, identify the trend and check whether the data provided by you prove what you want to establish.
  • Always define specific terminology and abbreviations used in your report. You may define them in the brackets right after its first use or you may append the definition of all the abbreviations or terminologies, appearing in your report, collectively as a separate section, in the beginning or at the end of your report.
  • Avoid using figurative language. Keep it simple.
  • Formatting of report is also very important. A very good report loses its readability and attraction in the absence of formatting. Though it may appear very trivial to you but use of same font throughout the report, emphasizing the text by writing it in bold or italics, numbering the headings, subheadings and points under them appropriately (you may refer the numbering as it is done in this write-up itself), numbering the tables and graphs, adding the caption to the photographs etc. helps reader to understand your report in a better manner.
  • Prepare your report well in advance. Keep time for proof reading and reviewing it yourself as well as for taking reviews and feedback from others on the project. Their constructive suggestions may help you in refining your report.
  • Last but not the least; develop the habit of reading reports or documentation of other projects as well on internet or otherwise. As a beginner it will be of great help and gradually you will be skilled in the art of writing very good reports.
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