We specialize in cultivating your capabilities as a leader. Management is about finding meaning in your work. It is about navigating at many different altitudes with finesse, energizing and inspiring those around you to achieve. It is about proactively sensing and framing the opportunities for your organization, and marshaling resources toward adaptation and innovation. It is about the relaxed self-confidence that the best management leaders learn and master through a knowledge of themselves and others. Ultimately, the best management leaders define what happens next-in their organizations.

Team Management workshop is an opportunity for individuals to gain an understanding of the theoretical concepts and practical applications of Team Management Systems assessments and, as a result, successfully integrate Team Management Systems (TMS) into their work. Accreditation's are designed for human resource, training and organization development professionals. However, management staff may also find accreditation useful for development of their own staff. The programs focus on content and applications and presume some training/facilitation experience.

Our training empowers you with the disciplines and methodologies you need to transform your organization into an agile enterprise. You have the flexibility to take training at a face-to-face event, bring training to your location with in-house training. Take a single course to enhance your skills.

Ensuring that your employees have the right skills is crucial to the growth and success of your business. The business case for developing your staff is compelling-research shows that training can:
   # Increase productivity and quality of work
   # Increase profits
   # Reduce staff turnover and absenteeism
   # Improve customer satisfaction
   # Improve motivation

Training that achieves these results is typically:
# Linked to business goals and performance
# Part of a company-wide strategy
# Focused on setting tangible objectives for employees
# Part of a company policy, which sets out who is responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating training.

Investors in People offer a standard of good practice in training. This is based on the three principles of:
• Plan - developing strategies to improve the performance of the organisation.
• Do - taking action to improve the performance of the organisation.

• Review - evaluating the impact on the performance of the organisation.