Today’s Administrative Professional wants to progress, to feel a sense of satisfaction, and to have his or her value recognized. Our administrative support line offers an array of guidelines for administrative professionals to help you build on the valuable secretarial skills you already possess—just what’s needed in order to support your organization in troubled economic times. For administrative professionals just starting out, we provide basic administrative support training and time management skills development. Experienced administrative professionals can go beyond fundamental secretarial skills to higher-level seminars that explore proven ways to manage projects, work with teams, communicate effectively and delegate projects.
Improving human capital is important to the success of any organization. Our Organization Development programs help to develop coaches, change agents and leaders; create and sustain high performing teams; examine and deal with organizational behaviors; facilitate and manage change; and facilitate strategic planning. Our approach provides participants not only with the theoretical skills needed to be effective, but also the essential assessment and understanding of ourselves, including coaching styles, sensitivity for cultural differences, and interpersonal issues.
We provide an ongoing systematic process that non-profit professionals follow as they plan, implement and evaluate their social development programs. The process is not confined to a four-year planning cycle. It can be applied on a small scale to an individual workshop; on a larger scale to a comprehensive community initiative or to a country or stateside program of action.  The scope may be different but the principles of program development remain the same. We assist the program development process is captured in our program development model that includes situational analysis, priority setting, program action – the logic model – and evaluation.